It has been quite a while since I’ve started this fairy, but last week I finished the last thingies, so here are the step by step pictures of the work in progress.

Here’s the first part of this article where I show the step by step pictures: http://www.fairy-gallery.com/new-project/

Here I’m drilling a hole in her head with my Dremel. A horific scene, but you’ll see, it will all be ok and in a second you’ll get why I’m doing this… 🙂

een elf maken

Some metal wire goes into the hole, and a layer of clay is added. This will be the base for her hairstyle…


The hair is glued on the base…

elfjes maken

Another step further, the hair is glued and finished with a ribbon…


The crown on her head is sculpted and her face is painted. I made a video on how I paint the face, but my camera broke and the sound is gone. So, that will be for another time… 😉


The first version of the “skirt”. I didn’t like it, so I changed it. Things don’t always work out the way you want…

elfje maken

Eight Swarovski drops like this have been used in this sculpture.


And ten moonstones, my favourite semi precious stones. They have a beautiful blue glow. The tiny rhinestones are Swarovski stones, fifteen of these stones have been used in total. And now you immediately understand why she’s called “Treasure”.

detail elfje

Ta daa… Here she is…

elf treasure

Detail of the wings


Detail of the front

elfje boetseren

Greetings and see you next time <3


Kathleen xx




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6 comments on “Treasure”

  1. Olá tudo bem?
    Ficou muito linda.

  2. Amazing……. Congrats. Maravilhosa peça. Parabéns!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for showing all the steps. I have a million questions as always… like how did you make all those wonderful designs on the base and her skirt. Just brilliant!! <3 Ev

  4. Hi Ev,

    Thank you so much! The design on the base and skirt are improvised. I just curl the clay strings up and attach them as I go along. Here’s the previous where I show the pictures of these steps: http://www.fairy-gallery.com/new-project/

    Kathleen xx

  5. Hi Rosana,
    I’m doing fine, how are you? Nice to hear you like her!

    Kathleen xx

  6. Hi Cristina,
    thank you so much!!

    Kathleen xx