Radio interview

Hi everyone,

I had the honour to meet Tine, the host of a Radio show on T3AM Rage, Gaming As Usual, a radio station for gamers. I had a live radio interview with him.

It became an interview of almost two hours with a lot of interesting questions on my work, like:

  • How long have you been sculpting?
  • How long does it take to craft a fairy?
  • Do you make all the trinkets and stands for the fairies as well?
  • Are the wings hard to make?
  • Without giving away too many secrets, what is the next fairy going to be like?
  • Have you ever wanted to do a fairy a certain way but in the end it was not
    what you first planned?
  • etc…

So, if you want to hear me talking about myself for two hours, then here’s your chance! 😉

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