New flower fairy

Hi everyone,

so nice to have you reading my blog again. I’m working on a flower fairy. I started this project in may 2013, so here are the images of how I built up the lily…

I’m cutting out the leafs with a dremel tool.

making leafs

The result:

blaadjes lelie

Starting to build up the flower.

lelie opbouw

The next step:

lelie opbouw

Here you can see the structure and base of the flower:

lelie opbouw

I wanted a kind of stylized lily, something a little bit abstract. I’m not completely satisfied about the pink colour, though. I think I’ll repaint that. The flowerstalk was green for a while, but I didn’t like it, so I repainted it all white.


Detail of the flower:


And here I started sculpting the fairy that will be lying in it:

lelie elf

Thanks for following my blog…

See you next time…

Kathleen xx

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2 comments on “New flower fairy”

  1. WOW, I can hardly wait to see her all finished. I’m loving my attempt at doll making and love seeing what the pros do and how they work their magic. Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi Trudy,

    I hope you can learn from these images I’m posting. Have fun sculpting!! 🙂

    Kathleen xx