New flower fairy

Hi everyone, so nice to have you reading my blog again. I’m working on a flower fairy. I started this project in may 2013, so here are the images of how I built up the lily… I’m cutting out the leafs with a dremel tool. The result: Starting to build up the flower. The next […]

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It has been quite a while since I’ve started this fairy, but last week I finished the last thingies, so here are the step by step pictures of the work in progress. Here’s the first part of this article where I show the step by step pictures: http://www.fairy-gallery.com/new-project/ Here I’m drilling a hole in her […]

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Discover the flower fairies

Although there are a lot of different kind of fairies, when people hear the word “fairies”, they immediately think about flower fairies. They are the most famous after all, and this week I’ve chosen to write an article about these cute little creatures. Flower fairies are little childlike creatures, most of the time depicted with […]

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Doll Prague 2013

Hi everyone, It has already been a couple weeks now, since  I’m back from Doll Prague. First I have to say that I didn’t take my reflex camera with me, so all pictures are taken with my compact camera. The quality isn’t that great, but I hope it gives you a bit a sense of […]

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Meet Cassandra…

A couple of days ago I FINALLY took pictures of this cute little fairy that I finished already a looooong time ago… Don’t ask… lol… Oh, and if  you’re looking for some really cool and original christmas presents for your family or loved ones in a couple of weeks, then have a look at my […]

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Off to Prague…

I’m very busy preparing myself for Doll Prague, the doll art exhibition at the end of this year in Prague. I’m looking so forward to this weekend. I was invited by Bohdana Klátilová, who organizes this wonderful event. Together with some other DABIDA members we will be exhibiting there from Friday 29 November until Sunday […]

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About our Dark Nature…

Some of you may know or guess this, but every fairy I make has its own meaning. Every now and then I’d like to reveal the message a fairy brings along. This week I chose to write about Dark Nature. I have to say I find the reactions on Dark Nature quite intriguing. Most people […]

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The mysterious dryads revealed

The latest fairy I made was called dryad, which is a tree nymph. I had this great idea to write an article about dryads. 🙂 Nymphs are female spirits that live in places of great beauty. They represent the pure, female aspect of nature and appear as beautiful and attractive ladies. Most of the time, […]

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New project

Thank you all for the many positive reactions I get on my blog and newsletter!! It means a lot to me that you all appreciate it. I worked really hard the last few weeks, I had so much fun. I often wonder why I love this so much, because it’s quite boring, to be honest. […]

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Here she is!

Here she finally is! Meet Dryad, my latest fairy sculpture. A couple of weeks ago I sent you the work in progress pictures. And here she’s finished. Let me know what you think about her in the comment box at the bottom of this page. Thanks and enjoy! Here’s the rest of the work in […]

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