About our Dark Nature…

Dark Nature gothic fairy printSome of you may know or guess this, but every fairy I make has its own meaning. Every now and then I’d like to reveal the message a fairy brings along. This week I chose to write about Dark Nature. I have to say I find the reactions on Dark Nature quite intriguing. Most people who are more into dark art, love her immediately. But a lot of the more spiritually oriented people I meet, don’t like her. Mainly because she doesn’t look nice and friendly.

What we want to hide about ourselves

And that’s fascinating, because Dark Nature is all about our dark side. Our hidden parts, which we don’t want to show to the rest of the world. The part we don’t accept about ourselves. “I’m not like that!” we shout. We’re denying or hiding our vulnerabilities. Every positive character property can become a negative one, and the other way around. Self confidence can help you in many ways in life, but when this turns into arrogance, it can cause problems in our relationship with others.

The creation of our dark side

Through our education and through the years we get to hear about how a “good” person should be and behave. A very simple example: when you’re being sweet and obedient as a child, you’re loved, otherwise you’re being bad and you might even get punished. This is how you build your own convictions about how one should be. What doesn’t fit in, will be kept inside and this is how your dark side is created.

Discover your own dark side

How do you discover your own dark side? Think about a person that really irritates you and write down what it is, that exactly irritates you. Are you annoyed by people that want to be in the center of the attention all the time and talk only about themselves? You’re not like that, you’re interested in other people and ask about how they feel, etc… Does it irritate you that this person doesn’t even think about talking about something else beside themselves, then you might actually want to tell your own story. You want to get the time to talk about yourself. In other words, you might actually want to be a more like the person that irritates you so much.

Dark Nature Fairy

Look in the mirror

Every person that you meet in your life functions as a mirror. They point out your own issues, but we project them on other people.  Your first reaction will be to deny this, because “this is not how you want to be! Absolutely not!”. But if you dig a little deeper, and you become conscious, you will discover that there are a lot of other issues that are at the origin of your reaction.

But it also works the other way around. For example, if you’re someone who likes to give compliments, then your motif is likely to get a positive affirmation from others yourself.

Accept yourself

By understanding your inner self you can work on your own behavior and bend every negative quality to a positive one. If you, for example, start to the realization that you give your opinion on almost anything, then you can practice to listen to someone else’s story first. You can realize that being a good listener is sometimes all the other person needs.

Actually, it all comes down to this: every person has all qualities in him or herself, positive or negative. And we should accept ourselves as we are. The whole world is build out of opposites; Yin, yang, you know? 😉

CU next time

Kathleen xx

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6 comments on “About our Dark Nature…”

  1. Hallo Kathleen,
    Wat ben jij vlijtig……… Weer een prachtig object klaar !
    Ik voel me zo ” lui ” , ben nog zoekende naar een thema voor volgend
    jaar ! Het gezichtje met de doordringende ogen, ze kijkt echt in de spiegel,
    ook de kleuren……… Goed gekozen Kathleen !! Toch weer mysterieus,
    veel succes en bedankt, ik heb genoten ! xxx Olly.

  2. Hoi Olly,

    heel erg bedankt voor je lieve woorden. Ik moet je wel zeggen dat het een elf is die al wat langer af was. Ik heb haar gekozen om uit te leggen wat haar betekenis is… Veel succes met je eigen poppen en ik wens je nog veel inspiratie!

    Kathleen xx

  3. Hey Kathleen, wat een prachtige tekst heb je gemaakt over onze eigen duistere kantjes. Heel leerrijk voor iedereen! Doe zo verder 🙂
    Warme groet

  4. Dankjewel, Rit!

  5. Kathleen wat leuk dat je een artikel hebt geschreven bij je werk. Leuk om te lezen wat jouw gedachten waren bij dit stuk.

  6. Hoi Petra,
    het leek me inderdaad fijn om mensen even laten mee te leven waar ik mee bezig ben en wat de boodschappen zijn van mijn elfen. Ontzettend leuk om te horen dat je er wat aan had… 🙂


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